Salomon X 逆走訓練(A2): 逆走點落
Salomon X Rebel Walker training (A2): Rebel Down

導師 Trainer
梁俊強 Jacky Leung

  • Team Salomon Hong Kong 運動員

  • Reflex League 越野跑教練 

  • 2018 TNF100 最快香港賽手

  • 2018 The Green Race Suunto FTGR Summits 50km 季軍

  • 2016 & 2017 毅行者季軍

  • 2014 & 2017 Translantau 100 亞軍


  • Team Salomon Hong Kong Athlete

  • Reflex League trail running coach

  • 2018 TNF100 fastest Hong Kong runner

  • 2018 The Green Race Suunto FTGR Summits 50km: 2nd runner up

  • 2016 & 2017 Trailwalker: 2nd runner up 

  • 2014 & 2017 Translantau 100: 1st runner up 

日期及時間 Date & Time

26 Jan (SAT)


Finish time will be subject to training arrangements

場地 Venue

水浪窩起步→上雞公山 (沿路落實戰落山)→水浪窩完結
Start from Shui Long Wo→go up to Kai Kung Shan, practise downhill and finish at Shui Long Wo

名額 Quota



Registration priority to racers of 2019 Rebel Walker.  Welcome registration from the general public if the training quota is not full.)

工作坊/訓練班內容 Workshop/ Training Details

- 如何運用越野跑鞋, 提升落山安全性
- 分析不同越野跑的路況,在沙石路或梯級實戰落山技巧
- 如何做到人鞋合一, 減少傷患及水泡

- 穿著越野跑
- 帶最少1.5L飲用水及少量食物

Sharing by the fastest Hong Kong runner of TNF100 in year 2018
- How to make use of trail running shoes to enhance downhill skills
- Review different landscapes in the trail, and practise downhill in trail with sand/stone or stairs
- Get pain and blisters away via a pair of suitable shoes

Suggested equipment:
- Trail running shoes
- At least 1.5L of water & snacks

收費 Registration Fee

HK$150 (包括一系列3堂 including a series of 3 classes: A1 + A2 + A3)

(*Salomon 購物優惠: 閣下可用報名費作Salomon 的購物優惠,換領劵將於出席課堂時派發。Salomon Special Offer: you can use the registration fee as a purchase discount of Salomon products. Redemption coupon will be distributed at the training)


Please read through "Disclaimer / Indemnity for workshops"