Salomon X 逆走訓練 (A3): 逆走點食
Salomon X Rebel Walker training (A3): Rebel Eat

導師 Trainer
JoeJoe Fan

  • 五屆渣打馬拉松女人全場第一(本地選手)

  • 鳳凰徑70K 2003 (現為Lantau70k) CR 9小時29分

  •  樂善柸30k 2005 CR 3小時04分

  • 馬拉松個人最佳時間2小時48分

  • 香港田徑總會最隹運動員2009

  • 香港體院精英運動員2012-2014

  • 喜跑聯合創辦人


  • 5 times Standard Chartered Marathon winner (local resident) 

  • Phoenix 70K (now called Lantau 70) CR 9hrs29mins

  • Care Action CR 3hours08mins

  • Marathon PB: 2hrs48mins

  • Best Athlete Award 2009 by HKAAA

  • HK Elite Athlete 2012-2014 

  • Owner of Gone Running Store


日期及時間 Date & Time

22 Feb (FRI)


場地 Venue

2/F Gold Swan Commercial Building, 438–444 Hennessy Rd., Causeway Bay

工作坊/訓練班內容 Workshop/ Training Details

世界上有幾多跑者,可以比賽時食乜都消化得到?比賽食gel食到毆,飲power drink 飲到入唔到口,你有冇試過?

練習練到好掂,但比賽食同樣嘅就賴嘢,聽過好多。長途賽,夜晚嗰餐有幾緊要唔洗多講,嚟自朋友嘅 support亦千奇百趣 ~ 蝦餃燒賣义雞飯、乾炒牛河到Pizza、老麥都見過,應有盡有! 多謝朋友不過,食完之後濟足成粒鐘。

咁多問題, 咁專門,不如大家坐低研究分享一下,我哋安排左一個長跑營養補充講座俾大家。

There are a few lucky runners out there with stomachs made of steel who can handle just about any food at any time. But for the rest of us, paying attention to what we eat and when we eat. It can be the difference between a happy run or a miserable one.

When do you need a nutrition plan? For an easy run lasting about an hour or less, most people can get by with a bit of water and maybe a banana. But when you run for longer than that, and especially when you’re out for more than three to four hours, having a plan for exactly what and when you eat becomes increasingly important.

It’s not always simple to figure out how to best fuel up before, during and after a run. If you ask five trail runners how they do it, you’ll probably get five different answers. To really discover what works for your body, you’ll need to get out there and experiment. There is thousands of sport nutrition in the market and how can you pick those fit for your body?

We have invited an experience trail and road runners – JoeJoe FAN share some nutrition tips with you.
- Nutrition basics: Learn where your body draws energy from and what it needs to stay strong during a run.
- Making a nutrition plan: What you eat before, during and after a run can greatly affect your performance on the trail.
- Nutrition tips: Following a few simple tips can help you find what food works for you and stay fueled up during a run.

名額 Quota



Registration priority to racers of 2019 Rebel Walker.  Welcome registration from the general public if the training quota is not full.)

收費 Registration Fee


(包括一系列3堂 including a series of 3 classes:

A1 + A2 + A3)

(*Salomon 購物優惠: 閣下可用報名費作Salomon 的購物優惠,換領劵將於出席課堂時派發。Salomon Special Offer: you can use the registration fee as a purchase discount of Salomon products. Redemption coupon wil be distributed at the training)

即場優惠 Discount onsite

除了Soyjoy, In-Jelly, Pocari, Gatorade (一律8折優惠)。 

Purchase discount of energy food during the workshop (20% off for 5 pcs or below; 25% off for 6-11 pcs; 30% off for 12 pcs or above). Except Soyjoy, In-Jelly, Pocari, Gatorade (all at 20% off)

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