Suunto X 逆走訓練(B2):
Rebel Walker training (B2):
Rebel Use of Watch (Practice)

導師 Trainer

Wong Ho Chung

本地越野跑好手黃浩聰 (聰sir) 及其團隊於2015年9月創立THE PEAK HUNTER 越野跑會,希望灌輸正確山野知識及提供越野跑訓練給各運動愛好者。聰sir 多次出征本地及海外越野跑比賽,屢獲佳績,包括於2018年贏得「四大極地超馬巡迴賽」的總冠軍。聰sir 獲選為2018年越野跑最佳男運動員,而他亦是ITRA最高分的香港男運動員 (776分)。

Local elite trailing runner Wong Ho Chung (Chung sir) and his team founded THE PEAK HUNTER Trail- Road Running Academy in September 2015. They instill correct trail knowledge and provide trail running training for sports enthusiasts. Chung sir has repeatedly joined many local and overseas trail races and also achieved many good results, including the overall champion of 4 deserts stage race in 2018.  He is awarded with the Best Male Runner of Hong Kong Trail Running Awards 2018.  He has the highest ITRA scores (776) among Hong Kong male runners.

日期及時間 Date & Time

24 Feb (SUN)


Finish time will be subject to training arrangements

場地 Venue


Start from Shui Long Wo, go along the reverse direction of  MacLehose Trail Section 3, finish at Pak Tam Chung

名額 Quota


Registration priority to racers of 2019 Rebel Walker.  Welcome registration from the general public if the training quota is not full.) 

工作坊/訓練班內容 Workshop/ Training Details

- 試走一段逆走路線,應用Suunto 錶的GPS功能及地圖導航

- 指導上落山技巧
- Practise part of the Rebel Walker route, using Suunto watch for GPS and navigation

- Uphill & downhill training

收費 Registration Fee

HK$100 (包括一系列2堂 including a series of 2 classes: B1 + B2)


(訓練班參加者可獲買 Suunto 錶優惠,優惠劵將於課堂時派發。

Participants of the training can enjoy purchase discount of Suunto watch. Coupon will be distributed at the training)

工作坊贊助 Workshop Sponsor


支持團體  Supported by


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